Version 1.0 (as of April 2020)

Dear User,

We are pleased that you are using and enjoying the benefits of InSight™ QSE. Following is a short and simple list describing how we handle data in InSight™ QSE.

1) All captured data in InSight™ QSE app is encrypted and may be stored locally in the app. Data that is stored remotely in our servers is encrypted as well.
2) We will not be using any of the captured data in InSight™ QSE in any manner that contradicts what we set out in our Privacy Policy stated in the InSight™ QSE Terms of Use document which you have agreed to.
3) Responsibility for the captured data that is shared or exported out of InSight™ QSE app lies with you, the user. You agree that we will NOT be held liable for any misuse of the exported data in any way.

That is about all we want to say about data policies.
Thank you.

From: The creators of InSight™ QSE (CAPPS SOLUTIONS PTE. LTD.)