AR Remote Assistance

  • MOBILE REMOTE ASSISTANCE INSPECTION is an Augmented Reality (AR) feature that enables you to fix and manage offsite issues with proper audit trail. You can eliminate the time spent on setting up many chat groups to manage your different projects. In return, you can reduce operational cost and increase customer satisfaction.
  • The feature is available in our InSight™ QSE Quality, Safety & Environment System and InSight™ QSE Field Servicing & Sales Operations Systems. Both systems can be configured and customized to your company needs.
  • This new standard of inspection allows your Site inspectors to use mobile devices to provide on-site live video streams to experts such as qualified engineers who are off-site.
  • Experts can place markers on a live video stream and use various annotation tools to provide step-by-step guidance to your Site Inspectors. Text chatting is another useful feature that is available.
  • ​Every video stream is audited - Voice, Video and Text Chats are saved and tagged to the originating inspection for future references.